• Possumplace Kennels

    We proudly serve the Montreal region straight through to Eastern Ontario! Always providing quality care for all your boarding needs. We boast a strong history of continuous operation for some 40 years and our solid commitment to the well-being of the pets in our care ensures safety, comfort and fun for all involved!

    Hello! How long will you be staying with us?

    Possumplace Promise

    We promise pet owners full disclosure of all circumstances related to their pet's stay with us. We will work with you to ensure the most positive experience for your pet, and the least worrisome separation for you.

  • Our Story

    Maria and I always had a passion for dogs and longed to leave our corporate lifestyle. In 1995 we seized on the opportunity to become business partners in what was then called Brighton Kennels. In January 2000 our partners retired and Possumplace Kennels was born. Named after our first Golden Retriever Possum, assuring that long after we are gone, Possum's memory will live on.



  • Team Possumplace

    Meet our awesome team!

    Christopher, Jennifer and Samantha

    Owners, Operators

    They have always had a passion for animals. In 2022 the opportunity arose for them to leave the corporate world and embrace their dream.

    Monica David

    Kennel Technician

    Caitlin Donovan

    Kennel Technician

  • The Possumplace Experience

    Every boarding experience includes the following services and amenities:

    • Playtime in a grassy courtyard.
    • Administration of medications; oral and topical.
    • Administration of special diets.
    • Regular grooming: brushings, nail clipping, ear cleaning + eye checks.
    • Non-stressful, positive experiences only; we do not muzzle or force any service on our boarders.
    • Regular supervision + human contact throughout the day.

    Environment offered to our boarders:

    • Central air conditioning and heated indoor runs.
    • Fully covered outdoor runs.
    • All runs have blankets, and pee pads.
    • All indoor surfaces washed daily.
    • All outdoor runs and play-fields scooped 3 times a day.
    • All drinking water changed daily.
    • On-site residency. Our boarders are never left alone.

    We encourage socialization and play amongst our boarders and staff, however we do not train nor discipline our boarders.


    Please give us a call - we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please note that we've got a full house during peak periods, you can never book too early.

  • Our Services

    We offer customized services such as geriatric care and in-home boarding. "Doggy Bus Ride" service is offered Monday through Friday mornings. We are equipped to administer medications, have 24 hour veterinary services on-call, and understand individual dietary requirements. We require that all boarders be up to date on the following vaccinations - for cats: Rabies, Panleucopenia, Calici Virus and Rhinotracheitis For dogs: Rabies, Basic (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza), Leptospirosis and Bordetella. Please provide your pet's vaccination records to us before there stay.

    Daily Boarding Rates

    • ALL rates are + H.S.T. and are charged per pet, per calendar day.
    • Invoices are due at the end of the pet's stay.
    • Payable at check-out by cash, cheque, or Interac email transfer > possumplace@xplornet.ca
    • Pets arriving on Friday and leaving on Sunday will incur boarding charges for 3 days.

    Daily Rate - $30.00


    • Food
    • Beds+ blankets
    • Toys
    • Cookies
    • Regular coat-brushing
    • Nail clipping (w/no-stress procedure)
    • Administration of medications
    • Administration of special diets
    • play-time throughout the day
    • Indoor dog runs are sanitized daily.
    • Outdoor dog runs are sanitized frequently.

    At Possumplace Kennels we are proud to feed Eukanuba. Upon request, dry food is mixed with our secret recipe "Possumplace Tailgate Stew". Indoor dog runs are sanitized daily. Please Leave all personal items at home ie: bed, bedding, toys, etc.


    Daily Rate - $25.00
    Includes: Food, blankets, toys, cat litter, administration of medications, administration of special diets. Cat runs are sanitized daily. We are proud to feed IAMS Adult Original.

    Geriatric Boarding

    Daily Rate - $45.00

    Although still in the kennel, boarders are given more roaming freedom and separated from the noise and bustle of main stream boarders. We offer an individualized mix of play, buddy time, rest and human interaction.

    Ideal for older, less active dogs requiring monitoring or recuperation. This is also where dogs requiring injections and close medical monitoring are kept.

    In-Home Boarding

    Daily Rate - $65.00
    For the pampered pet. Dogs are welcomed into the home of Chris, Jennifer and their pets. Boarders are encouraged to make themselves at home. All rates are + H.S.T.


    Rates are dependent on breed, temperament, and coat condition. This service can be scheduled as part of your pet's stay, or as a one-day appointment. All  rates are + H.S.T.

    30 Minute Swim

    Fee - $65.00

    Salt water pool w/Chris and Samantha!

    (includes brush out and blow dry) All rates are + H.S.T.

    Veterinary Services

    We have "on-call" veterinary services, available 24/7 should your pet require veterinary service during their stay. Veterinary and transport fees will apply.


    All our boarders are fed either EUKANUBA with our renowned tailgate stew (included in board rate), if your pet requires a specific diet then we ask you to provide it and we will be happy to feed it.

    Pick-Up & Drop-Off

    Pick Up + Delivery rates are as follows, all rates are + H.S.T.:

    • West of St. Lawrence Blvd. south of the Met.Blvd. $40.00
    • East of St. Lawrence Blvd. or North of the Met.Blvd. $50.00
    • Laval + South Shore $65.00
  • Testimonials

    (We thank you!)

    Demon & Maya

    Juliet Johnson

    Reviewed Possumplace Kennels Inc.

    5 STARS

    "We call Possumplace dog camp, Bill and Maria always take great care of our two beasties Demon & Maya!"

    Heather Michaels
    Reviewed Possumplace Kennels Inc

    5 STARS

    "The best place for dogs it a family K.C. loves it and gets to spend lots of time with Bill and Maria and staff!"

    Rudolf Popradi
    Reviewed Possumplace Kennels Inc.

    5 STARS

    "Possumplace Kennles is the only place I would leave my beloved dog King. I know that when I go on vacation and leave my dog in the hands of Bill and Maria Markush he will be safe and loved. Beaconsfield, Que. Rudolf and Edith Popradi"

    Fabien Ricard
    Reviewed Possumplace Kennels Inc.

    5 STARS

    "Gustave et Garibald adorent voyager avec Oncle Bill!"

    Possumplace Kennels

    From: Barbara Ellen
    Date: July 29, 2016
    Subject: Rufus

    5 STARS

    Hi Bill and Maria, I hope you will put my testimonial on your website. I can never speak highly enough of your kennel and your staff.


    My successive dogs have been spending time in camp at Possumplace Kennels since it’s inception. Rufus was just 10 weeks old when he first experienced the wonderful care of all their staff. I was a little worried about sending such a young puppy there, so he

    became a guest in Bill and Maria’s house, where he was allowed to sleep with them and all their dogs on the bed.


    Since then he’s been back several times a year and is always happy to see Bill and to jump into his crate in the limo. And that’s not easy for him since he’s been a tripod for almost 7 years. (amputee).


    The kennel has always been spotless, and the dogs receive TLC and plenty of exercise. The staff is always careful to match them with a dog of similar energy and temperament. Rufus must take heart medication and an anti-inflammatory daily, and Bill is always mindful

    of this responsibility. He will never hesitate to take a dog to the vet whenever there is a problem. And the grooming is top-notch.


    This is a wonderful kennel.

    Barbara Gellis

    Günnar Blaze

    Joel Yaffe

    Reviewed Possumplace Kennels Inc.

    5 STARS

    "Bill & Maria are like family to me. There is no one else like them in the business - Possumplace is the real deal.

    Gail Palevsky 
    Reviewed Possumplace Kennels Inc.

    5 STARS

    "Love Uncle Bill and Maria. They take loving care of our "Boyz", Larry Jerry and Nelson the cat! They're the best!!!"

    War N De B
    Reviewed Possumplace Kennels Inc.

    5 STARS

    "We had to transport 4 dogs and 1 cat from Canada to Australia. As we had left prior to their departure we had them stay at Possumplace Kennels for 17 days. During this time Bill took our cat to the vet on two occasions and all 5 animals to the vet on a separate occasion willingly. Our animals are very attached to us and had little outside contact. We were concerned that they may not do well with other humans. Possumplace made them feel at home and comfortable so they settled in quickly. They completed all necessary requirements to enable them to fly to Australia. We highly recommend Possumplace Kennels to anybody who has a cat or dog that requires their service. We are grateful beyond words for what they have done for us. They deserve 10 stars."

    Possumplace Kennels

    5 STARS

    I LOVE coming to Possumplace, been coming for years! Uncle Bill always puts me with my friends and we always have sing alongs in the school bus aka "my chariot".

    Possumplace Kennels

    From: Margaret Dolan
    Date: September 18, 2016

    Subject: Molly

    5 STARS

    Hi Bill & Maria, Ian and I would like to thank you and your team for the exceptional care and love you gave to Molly. We wish you every success in the future

    Love Margaret & Ian xx

    Possumplace Kennels

    From: Anonymous
    Date: November 12, 2017

    Subject: Lily

    5 STARS

    Chers Bill, chère Maria,
    Je ne saurais trop vous remercier pour avoir pris soin de la gentille Lily avec autant d’affection. J’imagine que vous vous êtes attachés à elle et que c’est avec une certaine tristesse que vous avez du vous en défaire.
    Ce fût un réel plaisir de vous retrouver.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions


    Please feel free to send us any questions if they are not answered here!

    Question: Are the dogs kept in cages all day?

    Answer: Our dogs are inside to eat and sleep only. 30 minutes for breakfast and 1 hour for dinner, then at bedtime around 7:00 pm. The rest of the time they are in their outdoor covered run with their buddy or in the play field. Essentially your dogs are outside from 7 am till 7:00 pm.


    Question: How big is the sleeping area and the out door run?

    Answer: The individual indoor runs for eating and sleeping are 36 sq feet. The outdoor runs which are shared with one buddy are 120 sq feet, they are fully covered and have 32 sq ft skylights and ventilation fans. The play field is approximately 1 acre.


    Question: How much human contact will my dog get?

    Answer: We are a very social kennel. Obviously we need to touch our dogs to let them in and out at the beginning and end of day, for meals, we do walkabouts every 30 minutes to check on our dogs while they are in the outdoor runs, our mid day scoop is done while our dogs are in their runs, all our dogs are brought to the grooming room for brushing, nail clipping, ear and eye cleaning at least twice during their stay, plus supervised playtime.


    Question: Will my dog be dirty when he comes home?

    Answer: All our boarders partake in our maintenance program which is done at arrival day, departure day, weekly, and if other occasions necessitate it. Maintenance regimen is listed below. Ears and eyes are cleaned, they are brushed,a coat conditioner is applied, we attempt to clip nails ( positive experience only, we do not use muzzles), they are weighed.


    Question: Why won't you muzzle to clip nails?

    Answer: Did your favourite Aunt and Uncle force you to do something you didn't want to do?


    Question: Why weigh the dogs?
    Answer: When you see a dog all day,every day, it is harder to notice weight gain/loss, especially for longer stays. Weigh in and weekly weigh ins help us adjust the feedings to keep our boarders at their optimal weight.


    Question: What if it is too cold/hot outside?

    Answer: The indoor portion of the kennel is equipped with central air conditioning and heating. Our outdoor runs are equipped with roof mounted ventilation fans to circulate the outside air. Our outdoor runs have thermometers to help us monitor temperature. If any dog seems uncomfortable in the summer we bring them in where it is nice and cool, once comfy we bring them back out. Conversely in winter the outdoor run walls are covered with a layer of builders plastic, insulation and another layer of builders plastic. This prevents wind and snow from entering the runs while still permitting light in. Again, if any dog looks cold when we do our 30 minute walkabout we bring them in to warm up.


    Question: When do the dogs eat and get water?

    Answer: Breakfast is 8 ish, Dinner is 5 ish, there is fresh water in the outdoor runs and play fields all day long.


    Question: How often is water changed?

    Answer: Water dumped and refilled daily, buckets washed and changed every 3 days, or when a new boarder arrives ( whichever comes first). Water policy " if i won't drink it neither should my dogs"


    Question: Why the 30 minute walk-around?

    Answer: We walk around all our outdoor runs to maintain the following standard, clean drinking water, clean blanket, good stool condition, regular temperament of our boarders, temperature in runs, if any of these items is not to our comfort level we correct it.


    Question: What if my dog needs veterinary care while boarding?

    Answer: We have a vet on call 24/7, i have bills from Christmas day to prove it!


    Question: When you pick up and deliver are the dogs loose in the van?

    Answer: NO, every dog is transported in the appropriate sized vari-kennel . This is for their safety.


    Question: Does it get hot/cold in the back of the van with all the dogs?

    Answer: No, the van is equipped with rear heating and air conditioning.


    Question: Why do you require a confirmation call from our home to deliver back?

    Answer: We understand that things happen when travelling, we need to know you are actually back home, that way I wont be schlepping your dog home and then back. A text or cell phone call from the airport just wont do.


    Question: What if we arrive at 2 am?

    Answer: Call us and leave a message on our machine, otherwise I will be waking you up at 7 am with my morning call only to tell you that I won't be there till 11 am.


    Question: Why is payment at departure?

    Answer: We are caring for a treasured member of your family nuff said.


    Question: What form of payment do you accept?

    Answer: Cash, Check or Interac email transfers to possumplace@xplornet.ca


    Question: Your rates are per calendar day, what does that mean?

    Answer: You are charged for the day your dog or cat arrives and leaves regardless of time of day. IE. Arrives Monday ( any time of day), and, leaves Tuesday (any time of day), you are charged for 2 calendar days + H.S.T.


    Question: Why is the tax 13%?

    Answer: Our side of the street is Ontario, hence we charge HST


    And lastly...


    Question: Did you build this amazing website and Facebook page?

    Answer: Heavens no! I'm too busy with the dogs to figure this stuff out! This site was built by an amazing young client of ours. Many thanks to Joel & Günnar @Ideas2market - so proud of them :)

  • Contact Us

    Although this is the age of technology, we here at Possumplace enjoy a good old-fashioned hands-on experience with all our boarders, so please forgive us if we do not respond to your e-mails within minutes. We are probably playing ball, fluffing blankets and placing cookies on pillows, serving Tailgate Stew, or scooping poop!


    Most requests will be responded to within 24 hours.


    Contact info:

    1950 La Grande Montee, Chute-a-Blondeau, ON, K0B 1BO

    Email: possumplace@xplornet.ca

    Tel: 450-451-5112


    Mon- Friday open to public 9:30AM to 6:00PM.

    7 days a week


    Guided Tours: 11:00am - 3:00 pm (weather depending)Closed to Public: December 24, 25, 26, 31 + January 1, 2.


    Note - we are still caring for our borders on these dates, however, borders may not arrive or depart on these dates.